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US Coast Guard saves idoit.


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Guy in stolen yacht gets saved and super lucky

That the piece of human waste put the rescue swimmer in danger is just...no words

But in the end the swimmer he go do it again.

Plus the guy is wanted by VIctoria BC police.

aLl LiVeS mAtTeR
So, are you suggesting that SAR techs and USCG rescue swimmers pick and choose which ones to save?

Especially considering that they probably didn't know the boat was stolen at the time?
I know the word hero gets thrown around a lot, but those USCG folks definitely fit the description. Being in the water with just small waves is disorientating and easy to lose sight of where you are going, and things can go wrong really quickly. Jumping into that intentionally is something else.
I was told by a coastie that the official motto of the USCG was Semper Paratus the unofficial was "You have to go out ....no one said you have to come back."
Anyone understand the meaning of the dead fish thrown on the Goonies house? Meme?