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University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

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sidemount said:
The RCEME NCMs CM brief for this year had a slide about in service selection and listed that for UTPNCM last year there were almost 300 applications for 156 positions. Anyone can go look at this as its on DWAN on any of the 4 RCEME trades occupation info. No particular mention of any individual trade.

The BPSO in my selection year mentioned that Log is one of the most sought after positions. 16 applicants for 15 spots makes no sense....maybe 16 from that base would be more accurate?

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Unfortunately, I'm leaning towards you being correct. Terrible to hear that 'you've got really good odds' but find out those odds are only against Halifax, vice all of Canada.

I apologize to you, MasterInstructor, regarding my earlier postings. It seems at this point it's still a waiting game. I wish you the best of luck, in either this selection or your plans going forward.
Hey guys, new to this topic but i figured i'd throw my  :2c: into the frey. We have had two offers that i know of in Bagotville, both for LogO Air, them both being to myself and a colleague of mine in the same unit. Both of us have been accepted on our first tries, with both of us have similar "statistics", being 93rd percentile CFAT scores, 4.07 GPA (not sure what his grades are) with 10 university courses, and neither of us being MCPL or PLQ qualified. He received his two weeks ago whereas i received mine just this Friday. He initially received an offer for RMC and almost immediately received a second one for civilian university, whereas mine was initially on only for civy uni. Another friend of mine (same unit) is still waiting for his, but he applied for PSO. If you have any questions please don't hesitate, but i'm not sure i'll be able to help you too too much. I only posted to give anyone who's still waiting some solace that messages are still coming in.

Take care.
If you received yours this friday, there is still hope! Étrangement, i also have 93 percentile, 10 courses done with similar results, cpl.. lol!
Just wondering.. The 10 courses you took, were they related to your degree? Were they core/related to major?
Yes. I essentially completed a certificate (minor) in business administration, not sure how important the type of courses taken is in the process, but I can't figure it's all that important. I'm thinking grades might be more pertinent, but that's pure speculation on my part, all I know is that even if they are or aren't taken into account, they should only affect the score of your interview portion.
CFAT=60%    Experience(Interview) & Leadership Experience/CO's Reference=25%  Personality Test=15%

That is your breakdown.  The CFAT score is the single BIGGEST factor in selection.  Your courses and marks are important but not super important.  If you have a CFAT in the 90th+ percentile you have a very good chance of being selected depending on what you are applying for and the number of applicants.  Don't be discouraged though if you aren't that high as I got in with a much much lower score than that and still beat out at least 1 person for a position.  Just keep doing everything you can to increase your experience in that direction and make yourself as useful as possible to your unit so you get a good reference.

Another tip is to apply to as many trades as possible.  It is all about breaking the Officer barrier.  It is much easier to become an Officer off the street than it is to be a serving member which is ridiculous but that's the way it is.  Once you are an Officer you have new options within the system and you can try and transfer through voluntary transfer or you may be able to compulsory transfer if you fail out of training(not advisable way to do it but it has been done).  Don't think just because you fail once that they will show you the door back to the NCM world.  Once you are in they will do what they can to keep you but that being said you aren't immune to being punted.

I'm not going to lie, getting into the Officer world was the single best decision I've made in my career.  One thing I have noticed on this thread is that is some information being shared is not necessarily true.  Take it upon yourself to educate yourself about policy and the various programs pertaining to commissioning.  Its all out there you just have to weed through the DIN and find it.  It is very time consuming but don't waste too much time on it beyond what I mention about CFAT and PD.

The SIP numbers are merely an indicator.  They are not hard numbers.  The numbers can be changed for any number of reasons.  Don't put too much into them.  Just focus on improving your CFAT and doing as much PD as possible to make yourself a better candidate while you wait around.  Try not to think too much about when your offer will or won't come as it will eat you alive reading the comments of others.  Quite honestly just forget about it for the time being and if you haven't heard anything by July than chances are you weren't selected and you need to contact your CM to confirm.

Being an Officer is not the end-all be-all to life so keep doing well in your current occupation in-case things don't work out for you.  If being an Officer is your end-all be-all and you aren't getting in than just release and get back in as an Officer.  You will be closer to the top of the pile with your experience than most other people off the street.  For the most part the CAF is screaming for Officers from many different trades.

I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you get whatever it is that makes you happy.  If you get in the program is unreal good as there is virtually no supervision/oversight and you will enjoy the school life and your classmates are super jealous of you that you are paid to go to school.  Especially if you already have alot of credits as you are living on easy street only having to take bare minimum amount of courses per term.  Another reason to keep doing more courses while you wait!

Just wondering if anyone had heard on the status of SCP  offers? It seems to be getting late, but last I talked to BPSO they had only two messages for UTPNCM.
I am still waiting for my UTPNCM message. I've heard that some people started to receive their answer two weeks ago. Let's keep the faith!
My PSO spoke to the commissioning team today and they said SCP messages will start trickling out VERY soon. The commissioning manager is starting to cut offers, so we should hear very soon. UTPNCM applicants usually hear first because their message sometimes comes with a posting as well as because they need it at a decent time for schooling purposes.
So hopefully in the next week or two we find out! Good luck!

Damen said:
Just wondering if anyone had heard on the status of SCP  offers? It seems to be getting late, but last I talked to BPSO they had only two messages for UTPNCM.
Office in Trenton still has not received any UTPNCM offers. Its the only reason im still keeping hope.
MasterInstructor said:
You are correct that there were only 15 positions. 16 applicants from Halifax also seems too high. Who knows... I hope you are right! I would think it is highly unlikely that I was the 16th and only guy who did not get LOG last year and the year before...

I have 2 years left listed in my application because that is what it was when I applied. Since then, I completed another year worth of courses and taking another 8 this summer. I can graduate in December If I wanted to. This is not reflected in my application though since application was submitted last fall. If I get UTPNCM, I am going to change my degree to commerce and go to school for another 2 years, work towards CPA. I am putting in my release the same day I get a rejection message and applying as DEO the day of my release date :)

I feel your pain, please check your PM
At this point it really looks like offers will be rolling out in June, as there are only 2 calendar days remaining in May. The fact that Trenton is a major air base and has not received any UTPNCM offers yet as of friday (other than PSO), leads me to believe that the bulk of the offers have not rolled out yet. The wait is really getting to me.

Meanwhile, Vector Calc midterm tomorrow. Wish me luck.
I contacted my PSO today, i said that i would like them to inquire to Ottawa for my file because today is the last day as per the CANFORGEN to have our offers. He said he already spoke to Ottawa and they are working on cutting the messages and that they will not process individual enquiries. We still have hope!
My PSO was corresponding with Ottawa today and he said that UTPNCM messages are rolling out this week so I shouldn't expect a quick reply (on another matter) -- just a heads up!
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