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Ukraine restarts program to develop IFV from T-64 tank


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Reminds me of that Namer APC derived from the Israeli Merkava.

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15 January 2015
Ukraine restarting T-64-based IFV development

Ukraine has renewed development of heavy infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) based on the T-64 main battle tank (MBT), Ukroboronprom has announced.

The Kharkov Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau had previously created prototypes of a new IFV based on the T-64 but work is understood to have ceased some years ago.


The heavy IFV is based on a heavily modified T-64 chassis and hullwith its turret removed and the upper portion of the hull significantly raised in order to increase its internal volume and allow for the relocation of the engine forward. These changes allow the IFV, known variously as the BMP-64, BMT-64 and BMPT-64, to accommodate 10-12 dismounts in the rear of the vehicle as well as a crew of three.

Instead of the 125 mm armed main turret of the T-64, a new IFV turret has been added to the vehicle. Boasting an impressive amount of firepower, the original prototype features a turret armed with a ZTM-1 30 mm automatic cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun. Two anti-tank missiles are mounted on the left-hand side of the turret, while two banks of three grenade launchers are attached to the front of the turret. In addition, the commander's hatch on the roof of the turret features a cupola armed with a twin GSh-23 mm cannon and a 30 mm automatic grenade launcher.


Source: Ukroboronprom

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Based on reports that the separatists have in excess of 2000 armoured vehicles, I'm not sure if major reworking of T-64 hulls is the most pragmatic approach as opposed to just refurbishing, adding protective screens, and pushing them as is into the battlefield.


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I know they've been making and using support vehicles based on the T-64 for a while, but AFAIK they never did fix the automotive issues on the main battle tank, which is why the T-64 was never exported outside the former USSR.