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This is...an odd game...to say the least.

-you have 3 up arials that you can use when you're falling and you're in the screen (used to kick you back up, either to increase altitude or get away from danger)
-you have a rechargable down arial that you can use right when you bounce up and you're still in the screen (used to hit a certain type of person, such as when you want to activate a special or if you just want to get an extra boost from a girl)

types of people:
- blue, yellow, red girls boost you
- green girl stops you
- purple girl blocks next action if it's a girl
- blue guy slows you down
- orange guy alternates between angle up and angle down

- for all the specials, all you have to do is press the mouse when you touch one of the girls whose picture is lighted up in the top right of the screen (you have like a second to push the mouse)
- yellow and blue girls light up whenever one appears before the other, their special is a combo hit
- red girl lights up when you touch her twice in a row without touching another girl, she 'summons'
- green girl lights up whenever you touch a girl and before you hit the ground again, her special boost is better than the other three, but it's dangerous because if you hit the ground a split second before you touch her, the game is over
- purple girl's specials are probably the best, whenever you touch her, she blocks out the next girl you touch (whether it be a boost or the green girl), unless the 'orange girl' symbol pops up on the top right when you touch them, in which case you can do a special. the orange girl icon randomly appears, and it says there are four types of specials she can do, but so far i've only seen three: 1) teleport (you hover over the screen for 1000m), 2) super bounce (you bounce higher when you hit the ground the next 5 times), 3) invincibility (you get boosted when u hit green girl or if you're almost stopped, like an extra life), if i figure out the fourth, i'll let you guys know

edit: last purple special is double impact (doubles boosts)