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The merged BIEBER thread; for those who feel the need to talk about him.

I wouldn't be surprised if his lawyer didn't give him a dope slap when all got said and done.
He is going to discover the true meaning of friendship when his money runs out, ie he won't have any.
Awesome pro-choice ad.....  :nod:

Bieber gets beaten Take brat! Justin Bieber gets beaten up after punching a man twice his size in the face

Is it too late to say sorry? Watch pop brat trigger a street brawl.

See photos etc fallow link:


Aaaa did not see thread was started, checked radio chat sorry.

Good that will teach that young misfit, believing he is on top of the world; certainly his pride, etc., has been taken down a few notches,
I believe plausible has learned nothing from it, and will need a few more, :loser: .