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The Heikendorf Panther - The German Tank Found in a Basement


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Velllly Interestink...

The Heikendorf Panther - The German Tank Found in a Basement

In 2015 at the small town of Heikendorf, near Kiel, Germany, a perfectly preserved Panther tank was found in someone's basement. Find out how this valuable relic ended up being brought to Germany and seized by the police.

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If I remember correctly there was a news article on this years ago where the mayor of the town was asking why everyone was so shocked. Apparently in the 70s this guy brought the tank out to help clean up the town after a blizzard. Sounds to me more like the laws changed on his legally owned property rather than buddy going out of his way to be a criminal.

A side note, in Canada you can legally own a tank as well. Until the most recent OIC change the government made to the firearms act, you could also have the gun live provided it was a single shot or a semi-auto.

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Some overeager prosecutor wanting to make a name for themselves. It took the army 9 hours to get it out of the basement with an ARV. So not exactly a "threat'