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The Command and Control (C2) Environment of Tomorrow

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I found this very intresting and so I thought id take the time to post this up, sorry if i posted in the wrong forum section
This is the mobile lab located at Defense Research & Development Canada - Valcartier near Quebec City. I have personally conducted a user trial in it on All Sources Intelligence Producer (ASIP) project. The lab is self dependent for power with two very quiet generators. It is divided in three distincts sections, were you can process information up to TOP SECRET level because of its integrated SCIF, which is one of the rooms inside. Another room is the server room and the biggest one is the Staff room, where a number of computers are installed with removable hard drives. White, Red and Blue lighting is available, as well as a giant screen for collaborative work or presentations. It is equipped with all necessary communications and air conditioning.

It is just a laboratory but is being looked at for proof of concept for future headquarters capability. So far, it participated in a number of experiment, either part of DRDC Valcartier research projects or international coalition experiments, like the yearly Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (http://www.cwid.js.mil), or national experiments, like the ALIX experiment run summer 04 by the Canadian Forces Experimentation Center (CFEC) in Ottawa. This experiment involved the Navy on the East coast, the Air Force and the Army, at various locations up North, in the St-Lawrence Golf and in New-Brunswick.

So far, what we are looking at in terms of future C2 is more in terms of the new capabilities and new requirements brought by information age transformation, rather than at equipment. Since we are not yet fully understanding how we will do C2 functions, C4ISR functions for that matter now (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance), the future headquarters will have to meet those new requirements. This mobile lab is one of the means to assess those requirements at the present time.

The Deputy Chief of the Defense Staff recently issued a document giving precise guidelines and timings to implement C4ISR capabilities. Already taking place since April 04 are Operations Centers Command Post Exercises every six months involving all the Ops Centers across Canada to validate technology, processes and procedures in a new way of conducting Command & Control. These exercises are part of the CF C4ISR Campaign Plan which is aiming at bringing Command & Control convergence by 2008.

Attached is an image from inside the lab I took in the fall of 2003.

Pretty cool looking place, by the look of it a step up from the MOD tents (or worse) they usually stick us INT guys in, can't wait till we start getting them, big ticket item like that couldn't be any more than a year or so ... right...   I mean the army supply system always works so quickly especially with stuff we need or that would be of great benefit to us.