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The £2million centrepiece of Henry VIII’s lost crown found under tree after 400 years


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The £2million centrepiece of Henry VIII’s lost crown found under tree after 400 years

THE centrepiece of Henry VIII’s lost crown has been found under a tree by an amateur treasure hunter.

Kevin Duckett ended a 400-year-old mystery when he dug up the solid gold figurine in a Northamptonshire field.

The 2½in-high, inch-wide piece, one of five on the Tudor crown, is now at the British Museum and could be worth £2million.

Experts say the find is one of the most significant by an amateur.

Thrilled Kevin, 49, unearthed it near Market Harborough and said: “At first I wondered if it was a crumpled foil dish from a 1970s Mr Kipling product, or even a gold milk bottle top.

“I’d been there about 20 minutes and found nothing.

“Then I got a very loud positive signal from my detector and started to dig down before spotting something.

“It was lodged in the side of a hole just a few inches down.

“I carefully removed it and knew by its colour and weight that it was solid gold.

“I brushed off the soil and sat down in amazement.

“The rush of adrenaline and the buzz of excitement started to flow through my body.

“I was holding what appeared to be a heavy solid gold and enamelled figurine.”

Historians feared the relic was lost for good when Oliver Cromwell abolished the monarchy in 1649 and beheaded Charles I.

Cromwell ordered the 7lb 6oz crown, valued by the then Parliament at £1,100, to be melted down, minted and sold as coins.