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TCCC Shoulder Bag aka The Med Murse

As far as the stretchers go, lots of troops aren't operating in the vicinity of vehicles any more. The problem with the small role up skedco stretchers is that when covered in blood they become VERY slippery. After one incident where the stretcher completely failed to carry a casualty our platoon got rid of them. I dont like having to carry a fold up stretcher anymore than the next guy but at least it will carry a casualty. Our platoon had access to several netting type stretchers made by a 3VP rigger from A7A straps that worked quite well.

Good feedback to hear Phil. 
Not recommending one pouch over the other, but folding pouches take no time at all to fold, they are easier to work out of (at least I find them to be) and the ATS pouch is significantly larger than the standard ICE tac pouch. All of the being said Paul from ICE is great to deal with and can most likely build a custom pouch for you if you are not finding what you like. Also, in case you didnt know Farmboy aka. Darren is the evil genius behind OneShot Tactical so ask away.
There is currently one of our TCCC bags in the PPCLI kit shop in Edmonton if guys there want to take a look.