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TAFC, less than 10 years in Canada and bad shape


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I made the TAFC and got a 55/60. I applied for Intelligence Officer but the recruiter said to me to give up because for this trade I must get 60/60 and with 55 it is impossible to get in even if 55 is a very good mark.

After he said that he don't suggest any other trade because of my profile (like more support and not combat) I kind gave up. But he gave me a list for DEO with some officer trades that I can apply and his email if I change my idea. I am thinking in apply for SIGS.

Now I am really confuse. He told me that immigrants with less than 10 years in Canada must pass for the clearance investigation and that can takes 1 ou 2 years. I am already 40 years old and I think I am getting old. After 40, the time goes by very fast.

And not helping, I am kind of in bad shape. I used to do a lot of sports but the last 10 years was more a just work thing and I am feeling my age.

So, I don't have a real question, but as confuse I am, I am posting just to talk with you guys. I am sure you will understand my confusion. Is it worth ? I know there are people with more than 40 years old getting in.

And what you think about friends in the army ? Is it possible to participate in a community with others ? Is there a family environement for people who serve togheter ? Because I can tell you, it is very hard make friends at work here in Montréal.

Thanks !

Hi, JohnCroker!
I am 47 y.o., working on the shape also. In my case, I've been in infantry before (I was 30 at that time, and I had a buddy who was 45), then the school of recruits doesn't make me afraid. I know what to expect.
But I think you are lucky, because I thought the Officer ranks were only for those you already got the canadian citizenship.
Also, in the CF recruitment movies, in the page below, check the movie in the middle, named "Basic Military Qualification", at the 1min 40sec (or 1m 26s on the 3rd movie, the BMQ for Officer), there is an old guy there:
Also, tell yourself you are not going to special forces, you are going to something feasible (the Forces accept people at a maximum of 57 yo).
Hello macarena,

Thank you for your answer :) I will start some exercises series. The recruter told me the profiling will take a lot of time because I am here for less than 10 years. So lets wait !

macarena said:
But I think you are lucky, because I thought the Officer ranks were only for those you already got the canadian citizenship.

I have already the canadian citizenship.
I'm also interested in intelligence! How does one get a perfect score?