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Surefire Helmet Light- SOLD PENDING FUNDS $100


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I have 1x surefire helmet mount, and 2x Surefire helmet lights for sale. I know, sounds odd, but read on. EMT is king, shipping extra.

I bought the helmet light in Germany while on exercise there, it's the model with 3 white LEDs, and 2 blue LEDs, in addition to the blinking IFF.

The second helmet light, I found on the ground at a Strongpoint in Kandahar, and after trying to find the owner I kept it as a spare. It is the model with Red LEDs as the secondary colour.

The mount has seen a tour overseas, and has some nicks and scrapes and discoloration on it. But it is overall good to go, I would not hesitate to sell this to someone to use on a combat tour, or to use it again myself. The light with blue LEDs is in excellent condition overall, a 9/10. The red LED is a little more beat up, about a 6 or 7 /10. Pics available upon request.

I'd like $100 dollars shipped for the helmet light, if you'd like the spare it's another $25. These retail for $175 new, and can be very tough to find in Canada.

Thanks for looking!