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Supreme Ruler 2010


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I picked it up today at gamersgate.com on the recommendation of a friend.  So far I've only played it for about an hour and it seems pretty neat.  There's a lot of depth.  Beyond the military picture you have to take of all of the domestic and diplomatic issues of your region.  You have to decide how much money to spend on education, health care, etc.  You make trade agreements and such.  You have to manage all of your nations imports and exports.  The game seems like it might be a bit micromanagey (it isn't a word but it should be), so if that's not your thing well, you can probably stop here. :)

On the military side, there's a plethora of modern military vehicles at your disposal.  Everything takes place from an operational to strategic level (there's a dozen maps some at the world level and others at a smaller level like Eastern United States for example).  You can reseach and develop new units.  You can sell units to other regions (that's very very cool).  You can even sell your designs and then they can build their own.  Combat itself it purely operational, and I'm sorry to say that in my first battle I got walloped (some great military leader I turned out to be). ;D

Logistics is modelled on two fronts.  There is a supply area, which I think you can extend with supply vehicles (?).  Also, you're required to manufacture missiles for your aircraft and ships.  All other ammo and supply is not modelled beyond the aforementioned supply area.  Again, seems like lots of micromanagement.  Building missiles and keeping everything well supplied.

From what I've read on the forums it seems like the world maps can take a LONG time to finish.  One fellow says he's doing a WW3 scenario and he's been playing for two months and has barely started.

Anybody else playing this game?  Any thoughts on it?  Tips/tactics?
I tried playing it a while ago. I think I got frustrated from the UI and I really didn't understand the mechanics of the game. Perhaps I'll give it another try.
Gee..I might give it a try once I get my new computer next week.
I didn't realize this thread had become resurrected.

I've kind of given up on it as well.  The AI is just not impressive.  It cannot conduct an amphibious operation and since so many of the maps encompass a large area it ends up being a concrete block shackled to its legs instead of a minor liability.  It isn't all that good at conducting land operations either.

Other than that the game seems like it had a lot of potential.  There is a sequel being made Supreme Ruler 2020 (www.bgforums.com).  I'm going to keep my eye on it and see if they can fix the AI issues.

I have since picked up Swords of the Stars and the expansion pack Born of Blood (www.swordofthestars.com).  I'm enjoying this game much more and it has kept me occupied during so far during SLT.  There's a demo out for this one so you can check it out before you buy it.  It does not have the same level of depth as Operational Art of War III or Supreme Ruler 2010, but its a pile of fun so who cares. :)