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In response to self-serving politicians (are there any other kind?) who want to end the A'stan mission early and render our sacrifices worthless. Pulling out now would be like coming home in 1944. T-shirts
Before I place an order for shirts for my wife and me, can you confirm that this ad has been cleared with the owner? You can reach him, if you have not already, at mike@army.ca

I love the theme, but we went to South Africa in 1899. (I have purchased several of your titles and recommend them, so this is nothing personal.)


Hi Sweatie,

I jumped the gun on this and posted before geting an answer from Mike - my enthusiasm more than any disrespect. At this time I am only accepting e-mails of interest rather than actual orders. Once I see the level of interest I will go out andhave these produced in the appropriate colours and sizes. As most of the money will go to a charity I don't want to risk more of my own capital than is necessary.

Ok much as I like this and I do know the boss is behind in his emails, I have to lock it in accordance with site guidelines. I'm not deleting it thoufg as technically you're not selling anything (yet) and there is the charity aspect.

BTW as long as you're planning on changing the South Africa dates you may want to check a few other spots you missed so as not to offend the Newfs. 8)

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