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special "field only" kit for this season?


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Now that it's getting nice and chilly out, I was wondering what you experienced guys use for extra field kit (i.e. not "authorized" kit). I've seen some guys with balaclavas and such....

what do you guys like to have? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

Also, what are some warm but still flexible/manoverable gloves? I lost my issued ones  :-X
Balaclavas are issued kit. But if you don't have one, you can go out and buy a OD one. Goretex gloves are pretty good, but they can be kinda bulky and not that great when you need to use your hands to tie things or whatever.

Extra things you may want are those small heater things you can buy at camping stores, forgot what their called but their used for heating up your hands, and such.

A lot of the issued kit is pretty good to, like the polypro shirts and pants, aswell as the fleece sweater an goretex jacket.
Sealskinzs what some nice water proof gloves. As do OR, lots out there.

I like some cold weather gear made buy a british company called Buffalo Clothing Systems and another called Snugpak.  
Buffalo used to and hopefuly they still do (Arktis makes one as well, a little different) this is a single layer windproof shirt / pullover, made from Pertex.
Super light weight, windproof past 50mph, folds up the size of a wallet.  Great for wearing under your BDUs or combats alone on windy but not so cold days.
For colder days ware it over fleece and you've got breathable windproof warmth.
UnderArmor makes some good stuff I hear but I haven't tried any of thier stuff yet.

I've got a Brit sytle poly proplyene head over you can wear is like a hat, bacalva, neck warmer.  Look around at ski shops I picked up a fleece tube that has a cord/cordlock on one end, makes a nice fleece cap or opened up a neck warmer.
Stealth suit

Issued Thermal System

Issued ICE System

New Issued Anti-Contact Gloves w/ Liners

Issued CWW Boots

Issued Goretex Socks

Issued Green and Black Sock system

Issued Beleclava And Neck Gator

And a Softie for night time.
Can tire/Walmart Fleece sleeping bag.  They cost about 15-20 bucks, and are worth their weight in gold.  Also go to a fabric store and get a half meter of OD Fleece cut for you. It will cost about 3 bucks, blend with all your issue kit, and beat the crap out of the issue scarf in a heart beat.  Plus wrapping it around your waste at night will keep your kidney's warmer, and in my experience this makes for less trips to the nearest tire.  Go to MEC or "Marks" and get a power stretch toque liner.  I have two of them and they are beyond great.  Price is 7 bucks and they hide under the helmet, issue toque, and combat hat.  When on, they are only 1mm thick, and I often lose mine just in a pocket cause they are so small.  The Marks one is a little more expensive cause it has a layer of fleece for your ears.  Finally, chap stick to fix the stove and lantern when everyone around you swears that they are broken.