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South Korea Offers Alternative To Conscription


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This is a big step for them. While many don’t look forward to their period of serving for several reasons, most have understood why service is required. In the past, SK government hasn’t been open to concretely revisiting exceptions.

...For years the idea of a civilian alternative to military service for conscientious objectors was highly controversial.

But current President Moon Jae-in -- who served in the special forces when he was a conscript in the 1970s -- promised to create one during his 2017 election campaign...

...The alternative service scheme goes into effect on Monday, when Jang and 62 other conscientious objectors will report to a training centre in Daejeon, south of Seoul, for three years of duties as correctional facility administrators.

They will be entitled to the same pay as regular conscripts and the justice ministry described the scheme as a "first step towards the balance of conscience and military duty"...

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