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Something new counting down on www.forces.ca


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Hey all,

There's something new counting down on www.forces.ca

Any speculation? I thought i saw a post on this a week or so ago but it's lost to me.
RTaylor said:
Any speculation?

I speculate that the way that the counter mark the seconds will change, it is too annoying!
LMAO I just noticed that CB.... "New Flash Version Coming Soon"

Oh come on.  CDS announces his retirement and now this cryptic countdown?  Coincidence?  I think not!

My money is we'll know the CDS designate in a little over 5 hours and 20 min from now...
New look site makes the most sense (I'm guessing the PM will not be using the CF's site as the first place to announce a CDS replacement), especially as the newest "edgy" ads are just coming out.