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Soldiers of 39 CBG are you tough enough?


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Soldiers of 39 CBG, are you tough enough? Regardless of any branch, trade, age or sex, do you think you're tough enough to once again participate in training that will push your physical and mental limits? Do you think you have what it takes to be taught the same type of unarmed combat skills that were taught to the 1SSF "The Devil's Brigade"?

Do you want to learn the unarmed combat skills that were taught but is now lost in the Forces?

Are you tough enough, to learn Defendo, the way it was meant to be learned from the way it was meant to be taught?

If you are willing to learn, to apply, and to train hard please keep reading.

For many of you who have heard about it before, Defendo was the unarmed combatives taught to the CF before it was abandoned. It drew its source straight from the same unarmed combatives that were taught to the 1st Special Services Force, or as they were referred to as The Devil's Brigade. Ddefendo covers both unarmed (empty hand) and armed (knife, stick, baton etc) techniques that made The Devil's Brigade so feared by their enemies during the Second World War.

The training had been described as "brutal", "harsh", "intense", "barbaric" and a variety of other negative terms but it has also been described as, "effective", "efficient", "deadly" and so on. The man who teaches Defendo has also been described with those words and possibly more, all of it true, and all of it accurate.

Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Bill Wolfe is the man behind this form of combatives. He will be the man instructing you in Defendo if you so chose. If you believe you are up for a challenge, and if you think you have what it takes to be one of the few to become Defendo instructors, keep reading.

Many soldiers serving in 39CBG have voiced time and time again their craving for an unarmed combatives course. Many soldiers actively participate in Aikido, Karate, Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Mui Thai, Krav Maga and Brazilian Jujitsu to name just a few in search of a martial art to fill the gap within their training. Many have searched for a long time and never finding what they want, and some are happy with what they have found in one of the listed disciplines and the unlisted ones. Many times we have discussed the most effective form of martial arts to employ within a certain setting on the forum and everyone has their own opinions. I am not here to dissuade you from your opinion, I am merely here to offer you an opportunity, if you're interested.

In the near future, a Defendo course will be offered and taught personally by CWO (Ret'd) Wolfe here in the Lower Mainland. This course is known as the Military Hard Target Course (2 days) and is taught only to Military members. This course has been taught several times to the US SF units, Marines and Rangers. It is the basic building block of Defendo towards becoming an instructor. This course is normally $500, however as a special offer with Integrated Combat Equipment as the sponsor, the course cost is $100.00 for all serving CF members in 39CBG and there is a chance to win 1 x complete tactical rig set up offered by ICE in your choice of either AR or TW CADPAT. Some of you may also get a chance to be invited back to take the Military Hard Target Instructor's Course which will allow you to teach the Hard Target Course to your mates at your regiments and units. This is the second step in achieving full Defendo Military Instructor status. The combatives techniques that you will be learning on the Military Hard Target Course have been validated by the surviving members of the 1SSF to be the exact same techniques that were taught to them during their initial training.

But this is not all...

There is something better, something only a few members from this up coming course will be able to do, and participate in. If you, or your Regiment mates are interested in a challenge please PM me and I will gladly come down and talk to you in person at your Jr's Mess or even to an interested group of individuals at a agreed upon meeting place. Do not hesitate, and if you have questions please ask. If you think you have what it takes, you probably do, and you won't know anything until you try.

We are looking for a few interested individuals. A few soldiers that are driven, professional and physically fit to learn this combatives system and even possibly be able to share it with their fellow soldiers.

For more info on the instructor please visit his website:


To see the trailer for History's series "The Devil's Brigade" where the instructor and Defendo was featured:


So.... are you tough enough?