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Soldier triaged wife and passengers in Feb 2012 derailment


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Nicole O’Reilly Wed Feb 29 2012

Soldier triaged wife and passengers in derailment  

Wayne and Susan Easterbrook were sitting in the front car of Via Rail Train 92 on Sunday afternoon — in the very front seats — casually chatting with friends, when the train “bumped” once and then twice off the tracks, sending them “flying” as the car flipped on its side.

They had spent a “wonderful weekend” in Niagara Falls — a Christmas gift from their daughter, 21, and son, 19 — and were heading home to Kingston.

In those first chaotic moments, they had no idea three Via Rail employees were dead in the locomotive just in front of them. They had no idea more than 40 passengers would be injured.

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Knowing Wayne, he will down play what he did.
Good on you, Wayne.  Glad to hear you and Sue are both on the mend.
I thought I recognized the names - they lived across my back yard in the Q's in Kingston my first year there...glad to hear all is good(er).

Bravo Zulu, dude!

(As a side note, I believe that that is why it is so, so important for everybody to have first aid training to some extent.)
Kudos to all. 

Too bad CTV's proofreaders didn't pick up the misspelling of Warrant........twice......  :facepalm:
Wayne recieved the St John's Ambulance National Gold Life Saving Award last night.


About two months ago, Easterbrook was contacted by St. John Ambulance about plans to recognize his actions during the derailment.

On Monday, he was awarded the St. John Ambulance National Gold life-saving award before Loyalist Township Council in Odessa.

In April, the City of Burlington also recognized Easterbrook for his efforts.

“I think it’s a great honour,” he said of the local award. “It’s very unexpected.”

Easterbrook said his response to the crash was next to natural – following years of military training and experience and encounters with other emergencies, including a roll-over on Hwy. 401 and performing CPR on a man who was having a heart attack.

“You don’t think about (receiving an honour) when you’re doing it,” he said. “That’s not what you’re doing it for.”
medicineman said:
:cheers: Wayne!!


They made the front page of the local newspaper yesterday.  Good on ya, Beast!  :cdn: