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Small Arms Training Before Deployment


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I have no doubt that you, Dear Reader, will arrive fully trained in the handling of the Small Arms the People of Canada have entrusted to your care. That being the case, you may wish to find humour in the self-inflicted misery of others who have taken a more cavalier approach to their own preparation.  Since few know what responsibilities are any more, I have written a bill of rights.  Enjoy:

(location deleted) 25 Meter Range Bill Of Rights

As a participant on this range, I have the following rights:
1. I have a right to remove all of the pink gun tape some damn fool wrapped around my weapons BEFORE I show up at the range in the dark.
2. I have a right to adapt to the fact that I am jet-lagged, it is dark out, my plates are heavy, and the range staff is upset that I don't know my drills.
3. I have a right to inspect my weapons as I was taught during Recruit Training BEFORE I go to the range.
4. I have a right to clean my rifle (see "Cleaning Before Firing" in the appropriate manual, on line) BEFORE I go to the range.
5. I have a right to ask my chain of command to TRAIN me up on the Browning Pistol, after I have nagged them for months for one so I don't have to carry a C7A2 to the Lux for lunch.
6. I have a right to ask for help from my chain of command BEFORE going to the range if I have forgotten how to cock my rifle.
7. I have a right to ask how much harder it is to put a full thirty round magazine on the rifle if I have never held a full thirty round in my hands in my life.
8. I have a right to comply rapidly to the following range command: "GET OFF MY FIRING POINT RIGHT NOW!"
9. I have a right to clean my rifle at some point in the intervening four months between the last time I fired it (see "Cleaning After Firing"...) and the day I fly out of Canada.
10. I have a right to show up on the range with magazines that are designed to fit in the weapon(s) I will be shooting.
11. I have a right to maintain my handling skills such that I do not treat the C7A2 in my hands like it is some form of alien appendage in a science fiction movie.
12. I have a right to adjust the C79A2 for eye relief and the butt for position with all of my gear on (including plates!) while it is still daylight BEFORE going to the range.

Kindly feel free to add any 'rights' I may not have thought of.