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Sgt Corbeil MID


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The following is taken from a message sent out by the Col Cmdt for the Artillery, Gen (ret'd) E Beno, on an award for bravey by a young Artillery Soldier.
Bravo Zulu to Sgt Corbeil

Following is Sgt Corbeil's MID citation, and it sure makes you proud to be a Gunner:
“On August 23, 2009, Master Bombardier Corbeil's company was conducting an operation in Afghanistan when they were surprised by a group of insurgents who immediately unleashed a heavy weight of fire on their position. Despite being under direct enemy fire, Master Bombardier Corbeil coordinated multiple artillery strikes that enabled the capture of the enemy position. Her ability to remain composed under intense fire and adjust artillery orders in response to constantly changing battle conditions was instrumental to the operational success of her company.”

Old Sweat

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Sgt Corbeil was singled out by the Acting Chief of the Defence Staff at the CDA Annual Meeting as an example of the fine soldiers in today's army.

Well done to her for some good shooting when it was needed.