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Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF


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Hasn't he been punished enough professionally already???

Of course. My post was a jest. Can you think of another posting that would be more meaningless with no hope of success? Good way to make him release.


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DGen ARes.

Kind of like....

April Fools Day Baby GIF by Verstehen Sie Spaß?


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Possibly, @Remius I have seen that too over my 30+ years in, but…you also know when there’s something that seems off? You can’t quite describe it precisely, but you sense it? That’s my feeling on this one. There’s something behind this that isn’t being told. There remains no trace back to the original release of the situation HALF A YEAR before Fortin was charged. At the very least, the leaking of information surrounding Fortin’s suspension from PHAC and the “as yet to be confirmed charges” stinks…there are only so many people who knew what was going on regarding actions/decisions about Fortin. I have a very hard time believing this was a me too thing.

The unfortunate part here is two people’s lives have been directly impacted negatively: Fortin (and his family) and the unidentified victim, whom I believe did suffer a sexual assault, but that she is unlikely to find any kind of closure with what has unfolded. I get the feeling that behind closed doors somewhere, she is being described as ‘collateral damage’, and that’s not right either.
I think they just wanted a woman heading the vaccine thing.


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I think they just wanted a woman heading the vaccine thing.
I disagree. I believe if that was the case, they would have assigned (then) MGen Jennie Carignan to PHAC first. BGen Krista Brodie was already a deputy to MGen Fortin, so when he was pulled, she filled in. If a gender point was going to be made, it would have been made with the first secondment to PHAC, not a replacement.


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I wish there would be a deep dive on how this all came to be…there is an element of nefarious convenience (a 1988 event that pops up in 2021, during a burnt ground surge through DND) that seems difficult to not consider. What really makes it difficult to blindly accept as just the way things unfolded, is that you have someone at the top of the pyramid who, to qualify with the word ‘allegedly,’ paid hush money to a woman/family whom he was allegedly reported to have inappropriately treated respectfully. Yes, there are other cases out there of CAF leaders conducting themselves inappropriately and being dealt with, but there seems something off about this one.
Sir I smelt a rat from the beginning of this sordid affair and I think it originated in the upper echelons of DND, Not the CAF.

Someone swore revenge a long time ago and the time was ripe.