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Service Record


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I don't have anything to show in terms of documentation regarding my service, which ended back in 2010. Like if I even want to show that I'm a veteran I don't really have any official documentation.

Does anyone know where I may request copies of my service records? I'm thinking in terms of qualifications, personnel reviews, tours, etc.

I understand that VAC is going to issue ID cards to veterans soon, which will be helpful.
An Orderly Room can print off your MPRR for you.  Also an ATI can get you a copy of your Pers File.
Just a bit more information if it helps (I used it mind you I was in the Militia 1979-1981) was an ATIP request
Here's the link  https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/corporate/transparency/access-information-privacy.html
In my case I got a letter indicating I was Honourably Discharged as a Corporal (what is needed for a Veteran's Service Card)
When I contacted ATIP I gave them my name, SIN, years of service, rank and regiments.
I received the letter quickly, but if you are looking for complete documentation of time in (courses, postings etc it may take longer) Thats what ATIP told me
Hope this might help.  Still personally mulling over whether to get the Veterans Service Card, on paper I meet requirements but I don't consider myself in any way shape or form a Veteran.  But I digress
Good Luck