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:( i would like to ask this questian? if quebec were to seperate,do you think that the soldiers that fought in ww1,ww2 and korea fought and died for nothing if you talk about canada as a whole? (not just the world) :(
Its funny to see that english canadians are so obsessed by seperation. :p
im sorry mud crawler that dos notanswer the questian. and it is only a questian, i do not mean to offend enyone.
I personnaly believe that they wouldn‘t, but one could argue about my impartiality ;) You have to see it on a much larger scale than just Canada. These soldiers fought opression of regimes that threathened the world( well at least for Hitler because I personnaly believe communism is a great regime, only it was never applied the way Karl Marx was thinking it should, dig in in some philosophy books and you‘ll understand).These men fought for the world, not just for Canada.My family is generally pro-seperation( i don‘t know where i stand anymore, this army thing got me doubting seperation is a good thing).Even though they were por seperation, 4 of my grandfathers brothers joined the forces.One of em got both his legs blown away by a german 88mm gun on Juno beach on D Day.Now would have made the sacrifice if he‘d have believed it was for nothing?
mud crawler that is exactly what type of answer i was looking for and more from others. i know very well that our boys were not fighting for just canada, thy were fighting for world democracy (freedom) which we have today thanks to them.i myself is a french speeking canadian (acadian). i love this country,i would die for her. i did not meen to pis you off, iam ex military, i had to ask. take care reg1 ubique
Tu ne m‘a pas offensé nis fais fâcher et j‘espère que ma réponse t‘a convenue :D