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Seeking CFAT Preparation Materials - Request for Assistance


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Dear Army.ca Forum Members,
I hope this message finds you all well. I am currently in the process of preparing for the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) and would greatly appreciate your guidance and assistance.
As I embark on this journey to join the Canadian Armed Forces, I understand the significance of performing well on the CFAT. I am reaching out to the knowledgeable and experienced members of this community to kindly ask for any resources, study materials, or advice that could aid me in my preparation for the CFAT.
I am particularly interested in:
  1. Recommended study guides or books specific to the CFAT.
  2. Online resources, practice tests, or sample questions that closely reflect the CFAT format.
  3. Personal insights and tips from individuals who have successfully completed the CFAT.
I value your expertise and firsthand experiences, and I am eager to learn from your insights. Any guidance, suggestions, or materials you can provide would be immensely helpful to me as I work towards achieving my goal of joining the Canadian Armed Forces.
Thank you in advance for your support. Your contributions will not only assist me but also potentially benefit others who are preparing for the CFAT. I look forward to your valuable input and engaging in meaningful discussions within this community.
Best regards,
Good evening!

I cannot speak to question 1. As I didn't use any outside resources

In regards to question 2. I found the official CFAT practice test to very accurately mirror the format of the real test albeit it seemed slightly easier than the actual test.

For question 3. I applied the method of answering the best/most confident answer in the event I was taking more than 15 seconds on a given question, then returning later on to take a second more thorough analysis

My personal tips for the 3 sections

Verbal section
If you have time start reading books, or the dictionairy, or anything in general. There's no easy way to prepare for this outside of having a strong grasp of the English language and its nuances, if your test is coming up soon then my best advice is take whatever the question is and attempt to break it down into words or phrases you recognize and work with those

Spatial reasoning
These can be tricky as you need to put a fair bit of attention on them and trust yourself that you're not wrong. My strategy was to try and find identical "sections" on the question and answer spatial puzzles that would let me knock out the other options and then narrow down from there

The math will be mostly grade 10 level, with a variety of problems ranging from word to algebra, once again I reccomend a robust problem solving method of doing the work one step at a time whether that be on paper or in your mind, and trying to zoom into the right answer as you do the problem solving rather than going for the right answer from the start

Best of luck!