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Scaled Composites prototype


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This doesn't fit in other UAV threads, so I'm putting it here (feel free to move it if you find a better fit). Scaled composites is working on a new UAV which is hoped to become a future unmanned tanker, and likely the base airframe for other tasks:


Experimental Scaled Composite plane
brian wang | October 12, 2017 | 

Scaled Composites has flown a new experimental aircraft called the Model 401. It has new features, including signature reduction design features. It is similar to the General Atomics Predator C Avenger and could be used for unmanned refueling drones and other applications. Scaled Composites is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman.

It is powered by a single Pratt and Whitney JTD-15D-5D engine developing 3,045 pounds of thrust, flying up to Mach 0.6 with a service ceiling of 30,000 feet and mission endurance of up to three hours. The two aircraft produced are identical in outer mold line. The Model 401 has a maximum takeoff weight of 8,000 lbs., double its empty weight. They have a wingspan and length of 11.60 meters (38 feet)


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