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Saving Money in the PRes (From: The Defence Budget)

mariomike said:
Politics aside, from an operational point of view, it went better than the snow storm of Christmas 2010 did in NYC:

Seriously? WTF does that tweet have to do with this thread?

Other than, you, being able to post another useless link.
MilEME09 said:
Politics is always involved, During the floods in calgary we had over 500 reservists sitting on their hands cause the only tasks we would get were the left overs the city gave us. In the end maybe 20-30 people actually headed out and the rest stayed behind to play cards when trucks didn't need fixing or anything else needed to be done. All simply because the city wanted to seem like it was in control.

Ya, I'm glad I gave up weekend over time to go to that party, thinking we would actually do something. Cool certificates of appreciation though  ::)