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"Report: German military intelligence finds 20 Islamists in Bundeswehr"

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Via Deutsche Welle:
The German government is planning security checks on all Bundeswehr applicants from July 2017 after 20 Islamists were uncovered in the army, a report says. It said more suspects in the ranks were being investigated.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen will soon propose legislation to carry out security checks on every aspiring Bundeswehr recruit, after the military counterespionage service (MAD) identified 20 Islamists in army ranks, a media report said on Saturday

The draft law, to be considered by German parliament in the coming weeks, could result in the army holding 20,000 additional security checks per year, the report from German publisher Funke Mediengruppe said.

Up to now, the law has allowed security checks on recruits only after they have been taken on by the Bundeswehr.

Growing security concerns

A spokesman for MAD said 60 additional potential cases in the Bundeswehr were under investigation for suspected links to Islamist militants.

He said recruiting offices had received an undisclosed number of queries from people wanting to join the military for just a few months to undergo intensive weapons and equipment training ...