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Remington 597 Magnum Semi Auto


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I have moved on to an old Savage M20 in 22 hornet for my coyote gun and I have for sale a black stocked Remington 597 Semi auto in 22WMR, the last owner dressed up with Vortashen (sic) Hammer, I dressed it up with McQuag trigger springs and metal bushings, Techsight M1 carbine sights for the 597 and a shiny black M1907 Marksmen sling.  comes with 10 8 round mags and 2 leather mag holders, all the original parts except the factory hammer, a weaver rail and rings.  It's a good runner with only one 1st gen mag, the bolt rails have been re-torqued to RIMFIRE Central recommendations, clean in NRA Very Good condition.  Excellent truck gun.  Local sale in NB gets 400 rounds besides, $550.  I like road trips and I can deliver to the NB/NS or NB/Que borders or anywhere in NB that's not a Federal reserve (no on base or native reserve).  Pics to email.  The usual guvermint caveats WRT PAL apply.