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RCMP Info, discussion

Does anybody know how long the RCMP application process should take...I have now been waiting for 18 months since I wrote.
SInce you wrote the rPAT?

SOrry to tell you my friend, but so far you've been set back 6 months. The score on the rPAT is only good for one year. IF then you don't get a call, or any letters regarding your advancement in the recruiting process, then you have to re-schedule to take the test.

Basically, only good for a year. NO call within 12 months? Call them and schedule another.

Might I ask what your score was on the rPAT? PRehaps I could compare it to my own as to see how long you were waiting. I was waiting 11 months.
10-10 Fry...

The RCMP does not do the RPAT... it is the PARE, modified from the RPAT.  And for an applicant to the RCMP, they must complete a PARE test every six months during the application process to stay current. 

As for time from application to being accepted, it varies.  I have seen as fast as nine months to as slow as 2 years.  But that being said, we need bodies like yesterday.
I have had contact with the RCMP since my RPAT (3.98).  The last written contact I  had was June (05) to sign an EI permission form.  I also spoke to the Cpl. that has my file (Oct 05) and was told everything is done.  ???
Blackhorse7 said:
10-10 Fry...

The RCMP does not do the RPAT... it is the PARE, modified from the RPAT.  And for an applicant to the RCMP, they must complete a PARE test every six months during the application process to stay current. 

As for time from application to being accepted, it varies.  I have seen as fast as nine months to as slow as 2 years.  But that being said, we need bodies like yesterday.

The RCMP does not do the rPAT??? Yes they do. They adminsiter it and mark it from what I was told.  AS slow as two years? A buddy of mine's father took 3 years. Don't be surprised if you have to wait years to get in with the RCMP, but the wait will definately be worth it.


The previous poster said it'd been 18 months since he last wrote, so I'm assuming that's the rPAT he's talking about. The 6 months I was talking about was the 18 months (1.5 years) that he'd been waiting since he wrote the RPAT. The RPAT is only good for one year unless you get chosen to take the PARE.

As for a 3.98, the score might not be enough. A 4.5 and above and you're in the competition.

I don't know where you are getting this RPAT stuff from, unless you are in the application process for a municipal Police force.  The RPAT is not a part of the RCMP recruitment process.

The only physical testing that the RCMP conducts is the PARE.  And when I went thru the application process some eight years ago, it had to be run every six months by an applicant to stay current.

I have never heard of the RCMP running the RPAT as part of the recruitment process.
the rPAT is the aptitude test you do once your application has been processed and deemed acceptable. Trust me, I know. I wrote my rPAT last January.

PARE is the FITNESS test that the RCMP administers.

If you do not believe me, visit this link.



Written Exams / RCMP Police Aptitude Battery

The RCMP Police Aptitude Battery (RPAB) is made up of two separate exams that all regular member applicants must complete as part of the recruiting process. Only those who meet the basic requirements will be permitted to write the exams.

RCMP Police Aptitude Test (RPAT)
The first test is the RCMP Police Aptitude Test (RPAT). It is a multiple choice test (114 questions). The test is designed to evaluate your potential aptitude for police work. It measures seven skills that are essential in completing the duties of a police officer. These skills include Composition (Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary), Comprehension, Memory, Judgement, Observation, Logic, and Computation.

Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SPFQ)
The second test is the Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SPFQ) to measure an applicants’s conscientiousness, a concept not measured by the RPAT. Conscientiousness is defined as behaviour governed by or conforming to the dictates of conscience; principled. This measure is being introduced for its close relationship with concepts such as honesty, integrity and commitment.

The SFPQ has 108 questions and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete . Each question is written as a statement and you are asked to what extent you agree or disagree with each. There is no preparation required for this test. The most effective strategy is to answer the questions honestly.

An applicant’s RPAB aggregate score is based on both the RPAT score and the SFPQ’s Conscientiousness score. The total score will be comprised of roughly 60% RPAT and 40% Conscientiousness scores. Applicants will receive written feedback on their performance for both tests including a score for each of the seven components of the RPAT.

All candidates that have passed the RPAB will be placed on a list. Those with the most competitive scores advance to the next step.

The Preparatory Guide provides detailed information on how to prepare for the written tests.

From the site mentioned in my previous post.
My 3.98 is what I have been worrying about.  I did the PARE 2wks after writing the written(2004), I have done the psychological, interview and medical and dental.  As far as I am aware my background was finished June 05.  My entire file is done accoding to the Cpl. that has it....I've just been sitting waiting since then.  Not sure what the wait is all about.
OH! I didn't know you've did all of that. THe score's nothing to worry about then. Check back, anything could happen, your file could be lost, they could be doing more background checks, anything at all. I thought you just wrote the exam 18 months ago and haven't heard back from them. My mistake.
I think that there may be confusion with the POPAT and the RPAT.  One is a physical test and the other is a written test.  
No, I have had the pleasure of going through this process twice now.  The last time I was turned down it took 1 year from the time I wrote until the time the rejection letter came.  I then had to wait 2 years before I could apply again.
POPAT is the Police Officers Physical Abilities Test.  It is set up different from the PARE.  Instead of having the hurdles as part of the run, the POPAT has it at the end after the push/pull.  They also only allow 4 minutes 15 seconds to complete.
I don't know about the RCMP process, but out here, if you did your psych interview and they have checked your background, you are pretty much in.  Dental???  You crazy Horsemen! :dontpanic:
My bad, your right....

I was thinking about the POPAT, and confusing it with the RPAT.

Apologies, Fry... ;D
Haha, no biggie.... it's quite a lengthy and gruelling process compared to the regs in the CF. I just hope the polygraph and background checks go well. I've nothing to hide, but with my luck, something always goes wrong.
According to the website and from what I have heard speaking with others that have just left for their troop, not everyone has to have a polygraph...it is just for those that may have discrepancies with answers they gave in the interview compared with stuff they find in the background.

I thought I would have no problem getting in since everything is done, yet I am still waiting.  I have mailed in an updated resume, as they request that you keep up-to-date with employers so maybe that will stir things up (in a good way, I hope).
Not me... I had a 2 1/2 hr long interview, a break for lunch, and then another hr after lunch.  They told me that I would find out in the afternoon if I was moving along.  Needless to say I could hardly eat at lunch.