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Ranger school


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Hi there. This will probably seem like a stupid question, but I figure there's no better place to ask. I'm still waiting to start BMQ, so this is just for curiosity and future reference down the line in my career.

I know Canadians have been sent to Ranger school in the past, but I'm wondering if this is still done today, and if so what one needs to do to get in? The lowest ranked NCM I've read about that graduated was a Corporal. Is this because of an actual requirement that one be at least a Corporal to be eligible? What steps must one take to be considered for selection?

Thanks in advance.
AFAIK, Canadians are still sent down on to attend Ranger School. However I'm not sure how many are sent down or how often. From what I've seen/heard its a small number of positions available and depending on what the unit/brigade is doing and budget those positions may be unfilled and given somewhere else. I've seen guys volunteer to go and start doing fitness testing/training than be told no one from the brigade is going down this year.

Ranger School is a tough leadership course, so the lowest rank I'm aware of attending/able to volunteer is a senior Cpl.

To be considered to go, right place at the right time, be in shape, show the CoC you are a strong soldier in your leadership and job knowledge. As well, as far as I'm aware only Regular Force Infantry NCMs/Officers can attend - this is something the Canadian Army decided on as any US Army MOS can attend the school.

To be upfront, this is something rare so don't expect to get it. If you have the opportunity great, but most people don't
Thanks for the quick reply. Good to know that it's still being done. It's not an expectation of mine to get in, seeing as how so few even get the opportunity to be selected at all (I'd be surprised if we sent more than 3-4 guys a year, when we do send some). It is definitely a goal though. Without goals, no one would never achieve anything, so despite the odds I think it's a good thing to aspire to anyway.

As far as being infantry, I'm assuming you looked at my post history. I switched my trade to infantry from boatswain recently and couldn't be more excited with my decision. Not sure what took me so long.

Should I inform my CoC of my desire to go ASAP (as in, after battle school), or should I just keep my head down and hope they pick me out if the opportunity arises? Also, you mention right place at the right time. Are selections done nation-wide, or do some bases/regiments get all the "quota" as it were?

Thanks again.
Yea, day 1 in battalion as a no hook Private asking for Ranger School.. I don't recommend that.

If the unit gets spots to fill, the chain of command will inform you and at that point you raise your hand and say you'd like it.
LightFighter said:
As well, as far as I'm aware only Regular Force Infantry NCMs/Officers can attend

This info may be dated, but PRes Infantry has gotten slots, and been successful on the course in the past. The last example of this that I personally know of got out nearly a decade ago, but I don't believe that has technically changed (it's just more of a reflection of the fewer spots available, making it more rare).