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Raging Grannies thread Deleted

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I made a comment yesterday about the raging grannies.  To refresh the memory of those who deleted the post entirely it went something like this.

"You would think those who believe the global warming myth would embrace nuclear power"
"Perhaps the raging grannies need to spend some time with the raging grandpas (and a few blue pills) to take their minds off things."

The next post was
Dolphin_Hunter keep up with these comments and you will be on the ramp without a chute.    (NFLD SAPPER)

Followed immediately by

Dolphin_Hunter I am growing weary  (Bruce Monkhouse) 
I then asked what was so bad about the comments, which was followed by numerous posts asking the same question.

So now I ask again, what was the problem with my comments?  I would like an answer and I am pretty sure those who asked the same question would like to know the same thing.

I had to post this here, because for some reason the thread was deleted, usually when something like happens the mods lock it up, so why was it decided that the thread be deleted?



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So, you want an answer.

You know your post was deleted by the mods. So ask them. Look right up top at the contact button and send the PM.

No need for yet another thread on this ... you want to communicate with the mods and ask us a question about an action we took relating to your post -- then ask us the same way you'd PM someone else to ask them a question that only they can answer -- or do you always post what you'd ask another by PM into an open thread ... the answer you get openly from us WRT the action taken -- might NOT be very pretty as we might point out other things as part of that response to explain the action.  ;)

Fair enough?

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And locked.
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