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Quick Question about future of armed forces



A few months ago I had been reading Canada's plans for the arming of it's individual soldiers by 2020. I read of a test done with equipment currently being developed. As I understood it each soldier is equipped with a gps device, camera, and loads of commincation equipment. And also has a small screen that goes over his/her eye. This screen lets the soldier know where all of his/her fellow soldiers are enabling them to make better use of eachothers position. The test I read about explained there was a war game where 10 soldiers were equipped with this equipment against 100 without, and the ten soldiers wiped out the 100 without a problem.

Basically I am looking for any information about this, any credible sources for reading would be appreciated. Or anyhting you know.
Thanks for your time, take care

if it helps anyone the test of the equipment was developed in Canada and tested in the U.S. The test was done at night. So with the gps and satellites the ten soldiers knew exactly where there whole team was (even in the pitch black) and where all the 100 enemy were. So it was easy to win the game.
Trev said:
A few months ago I had been reading Canada's plans for the arming of it's individual soldiers by 2020.

Oh My GOD,   :eek: We're going to be armed!!!

Never hear of anything like this being tested in the CF. Looks like parts of the US Army Landwarrior/Win The Night program.

Maybe some of the infantry has some insight.
I think you're referring to the "Future Soldier" program being worked on in the US Army.  Google that.
Could have been part of the US "force XXI" experiments done at Ft. Lewis
    Is this what you're talking



    There's little bits a pieces floating around on the 'net also regarding the helmet mounted displays and what not for Canadian soldiers in the possible future, just give a search for awhile and you should find something.
The Canadian Army where part of the testing done in Ft. Lewis with the US Army. If you do a search on Combat Camera website, you will find somme picture of the soldiers with the new equipment being tested.
For what I know, the US Forces and the CF have a different approach to the soldier of the futur. As the US is actually gearing up the soldier with technology, Canada thinks it's better to evaluate what capabilities would benefit the soldier given the introduction of technology to support it.

Defense Research & Development Canada Toronto is looking into some aspects of it. On the US side, the NATIC centre near Boston is developing the concept of a future soldier for as early as horizon 2012. Some of the items developed include a bio-chem protective underclothing, medication patches and adrenaline patches that would optimize soldier performance for combat, vital signs monitoring, biometric personal weapon, etc... on top of the tradionallly seen eye viewer for situational awarness and GPS link.

Actually, the couple eye viewer/GPS link would permits the concept of enhanced reality or augmented reality, were for example a soldier could see the sewage system of a street superimposed on his physical view of that street, and so on.