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Questions before I join the reserves


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Hi, first time post here. Currently I am outside of Canada for the next few weeks so going to a recruiting office is difficult for me, so I will try to get some answers here.
I'm 19, a Canadian citizen, and a high school graduate. I want to join the Army Reserves  as an NCO in a part time position and have already picked out a couple units in my area that I'm interested in.

Here is what I need to know:

  • Can someone guide me through the whole process from seeing the recruiter for the first time, to any kinds of training, to post training obligations I can expect?
  • How hard is the physical aptitude test or PT test before your basic training?
  • Is it generally hard to get accepted into the reserves? I'm worried they'll be looking for reasons to reject me (ie, interview, various tests)

I'm interested in fulfilling the role of an infantry soldier, and am looking at an artillery regiment as well as a light infantry regiment.
I want to be physically and psychologically tested from this experience, and obviously be exposed to the equipment, facilities and lifestyle of a soldier.
Thanks for the help. Doing this is an important thing for me personally, and I'm serious about it.

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Good day sharki9876,

Welcome to the “Ask a CAF Recruiter” section. The members tagged as “CAF Recruiter” are official Canadian Armed Forces recruiters. They will identify themselves with their rank, first name and the Forces.ca avatar. In order to best answer questions, there are some rules that need to be adhered to.

This section is for persons who have questions about joining the Canadian Armed Forces, occupations, different enrolment programs, and prerequisites. Much of the information can be found at Forces.ca, or the Recruiting FAQ and wiki section of this site. Before you ask a question, you should be searching the forum or the Forces.ca website for these answers.

We will not answer questions about technical difficulties with the application process, or the website. We will not answer questions about difficulties contacting your recruiting centre or general inquires with regards to your current application or file. These questions can be asked here: http://forces.ca/en/page/contactus-73

Link to step by step application process:


You should also contact the Reserve unit that you intend on joining and talk to the reserve recruiter. That way, you can get a more detailed understanding of that particular unit.


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Welcome to Army.ca

Your questions have all been asked before. Please do your homework. Take the time, and make the effort, to read through older threads, and use the Search Function. Read the "stickied" threads in each forum before posting therein. We do not believe in spoonfeeding people, either in the CF or on this Site.

If, after you have made an honest, but unsuccessful, attempt to find the information that you seek, then ask (in the appropriate thread) and we will do everything possible to assist.

And, as you read through, you will find answers to questions that you have not even thought about yet.


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sharki9876 said:
So does anyone have any answers?

As Loachman has already mentioned, do your homework!

Had you strolled over to www.forces.ca and bothered to click on the link "Apply Now"  http://www.forces.ca/en/page/applynow-100  you would have quickly seen.....

If you are interested in joining the Reserves, your first step is to contact one of your local Reserve units to find out which positions are available and then apply online. Your local recruiting centre will process your application and ensure that you complete the required steps of the application process. Reserve applicants are required to pass a physical fitness test before being selected. All other steps of the application process are the same as for the Regular Force.

Once you have been evaluated and the application process is complete, your local Reserve unit decides to issue a job offer. Not everyone who applies for a job in the Reserves will get one. It all depends on job availability.

Or at www.forces.ca, bothered to click on "Step 1" which again says.....

*** If you are interested in joining the Reserves, your first step is to contact one of your local Reserve units to find out which positions are available. They will work with you to identify a job, fill in all the required application forms, and advise you through the process.

If you need to find a Reserve Force Unit in the area you are currently or intend to live in, you can find it here....


As far as the three questions you have asked, (1) The Reserve Unit you plan to join can only answer this.  (2)  Fitness Testing  -  http://www.cg.cfpsa.ca/CG-PC/OTTAWA/EN/FITNESSANDSPORTS/MILITARYFITNESS/CFEXPRESTESTING/Pages/NewCanadianArmedForcesminimumphysicalfitnessstandard.aspx  and (3)  It all depends on whether the unit you would like to join, is currently hiring.

Good luck!