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Questions about MP vs MPO


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Hello Everyone :)

Recently, I've deciding that I want to be a military police officer, and I'm currently taking Police Foundations at my local community college, but I got worried when I noticed the entry requirements for History require high school math, which I never took.

My questions are:
1. Do I have to get the high school credit somehow or would taking a math course in college be equivalent?

2. Would finishing college assist in my ROTP application or should I transfer?

3. If I were to wait and finish college, (which would be a year) what are some things I can do to make myself more competitive. I already volunteer often and taking PF in college, I already work out often.

4. What is the overall different between an NCO MP and a MP Officer. I know officers are leaders but do they do typical police work or are they in more of an administrative role?

You're going to hate hearing this, but:

- check out the recruiting website (forces.ca, they discuss both, and have videos for both the NCM and O sides of the house)
- use the search function, i'm considering UTPNCM, and MP O is one i'm considering, and i've searched through here a little before, and found answers to most if not all of your questions.

Also if you are going ROTP, you will not be entering the CF as an NCM.
First thing you need to do is figure out what it is you really want to do, "manage" MP or "be" a MP.  If you want to "manage" MP and manage budgets, sign cover letters, interface with the Base Commander, end up as a staff officer in Ottawa etc etc, become a MPO.  If you want to "do" the job, become a MP.  Too many officers enter the Branch and are disappointed to learn that their job is riding a desk.
Biggoals2bdone said:
GARB: to be fair, the recruiting video doesn't mention a whole lot of desk riding.

SigOp recruiting video also says we get to fire Eryx missiles. I'm still waiting for my Eryx missile. I really think we need to work on all those videos, half are inaccurate as to what the jobs actually are.
Oh I completely agree!!

in the MP O video, they show them doing CP, and investigations with the National Investigative guys, and what not, as well as being in Patrol uniform and busting down a door or going in a home or something, but they also show being a platoon commander. That's mainly what I got from it.

I'm looking at UTPNCM, so i've been looking at a lot of videos lol
Biggoals2bdone:  I completely agree.  The new MP video is pretty good but, sad to say considering one of the officers in the video is pretty switched on, they MPO really misses the boat which is why I pointed out the OP needed to decide what it was they wanted to do exactly.  As I said, some new MPO are disappointed to find out their career path isn't quite what they had in mind when they signed on the line.
Sadly Garb, this can be said of many a trade in the CF.

The prospective member gets all hyped up because of what the recruiter and/or videos say...only to find out that things are nowhere near what he/she was told.
I am sure there are tons of people in the CF who thought they knew what they were getting into, but really had no idea. This doesn't necessarily mean that a person is going to dislike their job, it just means they need to be prepared that the job isn't going to be exactly what they think it is. PuckChaser, even though you haven't fired an Eryx missile, are you still pleased with your job choice, even though it wasn't exactly what you expected it to be?
I could of sworn you only needed grade 11 math. I'm not sure what province you live in but in Ontario you need only Grade 11 math to apply but they highly recommended advanced Functions
runormal said:
I could of sworn you only needed grade 11 math. I'm not sure what province you live in but in Ontario you need only Grade 11(MCR3u) math to apply but they highly recommended advanced Functions (MHF4u), Calculus wouldn't hurt either.
To the OP, there is a difference between MP and MP Officer.  I think you mean MP when you say MP Officer as they are more like a traditional police officer whereas MPOs manage MPs.  Police Foundations would be suited to becoming an MP, to become an MP Officer you will need an undergraduate degree.
tumbling_dice said:
To the OP, there is a difference between MP and MP Officer.  I think you mean MP when you say MP Officer as they are more like a traditional police officer whereas MPOs manage MPs.  Police Foundations would be suited to becoming an MP, to become an MP Officer you will need an undergraduate degree.

You might have missed the part where he mentioned leaving or finishing college to go into the ROTP- ROTP being a subsidized education plan for Officer/Naval Cadets to study and earn a BA prior to being commissioned as officers.
  As noted on the above subject line, i would like to request NCM MP's and MPO's, preferably serving and/or have been out of the CF no longer than 5 years, thier personal experiences with the MP Branch of the CF

  My request is to determine what career path I will take once the MP position is re-opened to applicants.

  Inclusive, would my current background assist in my application to advance faster than normal applicants, apart from the CFAT medical interview

I am currently employed as a civilian member with a First Nations police service, for the past 11 years. Started off as a 911 operator  ;Dwhile going thru school to obtain my degree, Worked in Criminal Investigations Unit and now work as the court liaison.
    Inclusive, I am a Community Peace officer, from which i can generate informations, execute Provincial warrants serve subpoenas etc

  I have done a lot of course work, about 110 courses  :eek: (ie. CPKN course- Major Case Management, for example) because of my former positions within the police service to assist various sections.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated



Do you want to be outside doing work  or inside doing paperwork and Logistics? Two very different jobs.

Sure your courses may help you in the MPAC for life experience examples, but everyone is pretty much on a level playing field. If someone performs better on the CFAT and MPAC, they could still get chosen over you. As far as advancing faster than others through the application process - It depends on how competitive you are and where you fall on the Merit List. You don't have any kind of Golden Ticket that bumps you to the front of the line because of your work experiences.
Thanks for the heads up, with regards to the differences with the NCM and MPO's duties.

I was thinking along the lines that the officers would be part of their duties(minor vs major) "administrators ie: paper pushers" 

But, as well to ensure they function as Military police, I though that they would have the practical experiences conducting veh stops, minor traffic investigations, issuing tickets and making arrests, similar to the men and women they are in charge of.

The only things that i could imagine that would advance me would be my security clearances operating various police/court databases Ie; CPIC, JOIN ACIIS. But alas, that is a moot point as I would have to undergo a secuity clearance for the CF anyways.



The only road experience the vast majority of MPOs get, is a short stint as on job training after their basic qualification.  After that, the only traffic stop I've seen an MPO participate in, was when the Lieutenant was a passenger in my patrol car on a return trip from the range.  He was taking part in his once-a-year firearm re-qualification and I happened to pull a vehicle over for running a stop sign, only because it was right in front of me.  He got out and nervously approached the passenger side door after A LOT of prompting from me.  Once we returned to the vehicle to run the driver; he didn't leave the passenger seat until we got back to the detachment. 

The only other time I've seen an MPO participate in an investigation is when they are on their internship with the CFNIS.  If they are good (read lucky) enough to get in, they are relegated to being severely hand held by the office senior investigators for relatively minor files.  Once their one year internship is over, they'll likely never seen the pointy end of an investigation again (unless we have another call-up from the RCMP in the middle of the night cause they found another Russian Spy in the CF and your the CO of the CFNIS at the time).

All that to say....MP NCM = police/troop/security guard/instructor or whatever Gucci/s**t position you've been posted into

MPO = administrator

As for your experience; (some of your courses sound like they could be recognized if you get over and asked for a prior learning assessment....a whole other kettle of fish); it should get you to the MPAC, but then it's all up to you to not s**t the bed.

Hope it helps,
Thanks the information is extremely helpful in providing me the first hand knowledge to know the MPO's are administrators and not "front line MP's".

I have been quite lucky to get courses over the past few years to say the least....thankfully they were free!!! Except my degree...still paying for the FN thing.


Can any MPO or former MPO tell me more about what they do? People at CFRC didn't tell me much, the CF website doesn't have much info either.