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Questions about Marriage in the CAF [Merged]

kratz said:
Updating your marital and dependant’s status is simple. Provide the marriage certificate and birth certificates to your OR for photocopying and entry into the system. Update your will, FCP, Memorial Cross and other related DAG paperwork and you should be good to go. Military families occasionally become separated on a regular basis. As long it is not a long term, permanent separation, there shouldn't be an immediate issue.

Your concern about benefits is too broad to fully answer. As an educated guess:
- As far as the CAF is concerned, your F&E is with you at your house. So there is no SE entitlement - CBI 208.997
- Posting: You will have to move your family to you on your own dime, as they are not currently with your F&E. If they move in with you prior to your posting message, then they will be covered for the move as per normal.

A step child does not have to be your legal ward for them to be declared your dependant.

Ask the HRA to show you the reference they are quoting which requires you to adapt your stepson.
I don’t mind following policy, but it drives me nuts when an individual make up policy on their own.
All three links above have common definitions of a dependant and none of them expect a CAF member to adopt a step child in order to declare them a dependant.

Thanks a lot for the information. So just to clarify, not having my spouse living currently with me isn't going to affect me in any way other than my F&E which is fine.
I can't mind read your CoC.
Normally, no. You shouldn't have an issue if your family situation is temporary and
the intent is to move as a family unit.

That's where having a solid FCP will assist you.