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Question on force generation for TF 1-08

loyaleddie87 said:
One quick question. Has the names been sent out to the battalions who are receiving the reservist augmentees. I ask because a Sgt in 3vp was asking a Sgt in my unit about myself and another guy comenting that we were gonna be in his section, however i havnt been notified from my own chain as to where i will be going and when yet.

Cheers :salute:
since I'm the guy in 3VP who looks at CFTPO, I'm gonna tell ya that we have NO FRIGGIN' IDEA who's coming to us, since what's on CFTPO doesn't begin to reflect reality yet. There are far too many names, there are names in positions where Augmentees will not be, etc, etc. Basically, CFTPO is value-less to us at this point.
loyaleddie87 just relax dude, we'll be in battalion soon enough.Right now just enjoy Christmas. :)
Which Brigade in LFWA is getting the priority for positions. Because here in 41 brigade we seem to be pretty behind from the rest of you. We seem to just be hearing about positions for the TF. Are we just getting the left overs that the other brigades could not fill?
I dont know what unit in 41 Bgd your in, but I know in my unit we have known about the TF for quite some time. We already have guys loaded into CFTPO posn's ready to deploy. In addition we have guys already on PCF course, and more departing sometime in Jan.

I think there is really no "lead" reserve brigade as it is such a large commitment (someone like Morpheus, Recce, or Para Cowboy would know MUCH more about this than me). From my understanding each brigade is providing certain things augmentees, D&S, etc. I THINK that each brigade is supposed to provide a D&S Pl, with 1 going to KAF, 1 going to PRT, 1 doing FoPo (I do not know this for sure, it is my impression/what I have been heard/ told but uncomfirmed... grain of salt needed).
Well fill out your profile, so we can tell which unit you are from. All the reservists posting on this topic are from 41 BG.Talk to the ops W.O in your unit or visit the TF08 website
http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lfwa/tf108/.There is a QandA area you can email them for any info you need.It's helpful I've used it. ;D
78fd ....Not sure what Regt in 41 your in but 39 held a massive DAG on Nov 26-27 ...close to 200 trps and another for islanders beigin of Dec ...our unit's ( BCD) goal is to have our guys DAGed green and ready to go by Jan 1 and we are very close to having it done ..... you need to see your chain of command and start asking some questions

I was with the understanding that the origianal plan was to have 38 leading the charge,  being back filled by 41 and 39 if they could not fill posn's ... none of the brigades can seperatly fill all the requirments and this was acknoledged by higher  ... the task was then converted to an AREA responsibility with the slots filled by 38 and then back filled by the other 2 ...regardless of who what where .. then again .. I could have been fed a load of MRE's as well

Filling the posn's is an AREA responsibility ...who gets priority .. I would hope that the playing feild would be even amongst the brigades ... but then again this is the Army and politics never come into play. ....The tasking sheet that we were handed at the DAG in Vancouver was very slim ...very very slim ... especially for Sgt and above and for trade specific jobs... ( 2 pos as 011) ...hoping that more opens up

From my understanding ... unless your slated for a PCF between Jan and April then nothing is happening until April ....see task force site T & A....which needs an update BTW

Anyone know what PCF's are slated for the new year... ???  we have 2 guys on Leo courses right now ..

things appear to be slow to trickle down at this end .. however it is very evident that the pers putting this together are tasked to the hilt ...

as always ..watch and shoot ...watch and shoot

Quansem  Ilep


I know that we have guys already on a LAV crew commander course, I believe we have more guys on LAV gunner in the new year and another serial of LAV crew commander. I think also, troops that want to deploy, but require BIQ, are getting it in the new year as well.
PhilB said:
Para Cowboy would know MUCH more about this than me
no. I'm sorry. I wish I could offer some help here, but I really don't know anything about it. I was under the impression that all Reserve units in LFWA were sourced at the same time, on equal footing. I didn't think there was a 'lead' Brigade, as such.

But, I suggest we wait for morpheus to clarify.
78fd, ask at the unit, granted I am not in every Wednesday I don't think you have asked there... I sent you a PM...
Just to clear the air here (or perhaps muddy things up - heh):

38 CBG has been assigned the lead to manage Reserve Force augmentation to TF 1-08 and Reserve-specific tasks have been divided more or less equally between the CBGs.  However, 38 CBG was also - in accordance with the rotation plan - assigned lead to force generate some mission elements.  A source was to be identified for most of the Reserve-specific positions by today.  LFWA, the manager of the organization, will then officially task brigades to fill.

There are a substantial number of Reserve-specific positions, including mission elements specifically assigned to the Reserve Force to fill.  There are also other "any" component positions that we can take Reservists into.  LFWA has committed to deploying (not employing) any Reservist who volunteers for TF 1-08 and who DAGs Green.  However, this means that you may not deploy into a specific position that you've wished for - a volunteer may move within the task force as we adjust positions based on skills and need.  This will be done at a final tasking conference at the end of January.

unless your slated for a PCF between Jan and April then nothing is happening until April
  That's correct.  Report date for "outside the wire" (Cat 1) positions is 2 April.  The limited number of pers requiring Regular Force PCFs will report when their course starts - after Christmas.
Teddy just to confirm, I asked earlier but people are busy, if you have completed are Cat 1 and have completed IBTS 1 is the report date still sometime between 1-May - 15-May 07? This is what is stated on the website but I have heard some different things. Thanks
PhilB said:
Teddy just to confirm, I asked earlier but people are busy, if you have completed are Cat 1 and have completed IBTS 1 is the report date still sometime between 1-May - 15-May 07? This is what is stated on the website but I have heard some different things. Thanks

I should have added that some training dates are linked to individual sub-units, depending on the training plan for each sub-unit.  Generally speaking, 2 April is the Cat 1 day.  Cat 1 are those soldiers deploying outside the wire in small groups - operating more or less independently.  Cat 2 is to report 15 May and consists of soldiers operating outside the wire as part of a formed unit.  Cat 3 are "inside the wire" positions, with a report date of 30 Jul 07.  However, the Joining Instructions attached to each position on CFTPO and CFTPO report dates are the best guide - not someone guessing on the Internet.  Again, as has been pointed out, a lot of the detail is being sorted out, but we're ahead of the game thus far.1


1.  Your mileage may vary.  No warranty expressed or implied.  See owner's manual for details.
First off teddy, I appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions. I am not just asking this question for myself I know there are about 6 other guys in my unit in the same boat as me. Originally we were all told that 1-April-07 was the report date for anyone going as an augmentee. We were then informed that if you had completed IBTS Lvl 1 you could report a bit later, NLT than 15-May 07. This is important to most of us because we are university students, as such our exams are not done until the end of April. We are loaded into CFTPO posn as augmentees going to 3VP with a start date of 01-May-07.

A couple weeks ago our trg WO told us to be ready to have our positions changed because the battalion wanted all augmentees there on 01-Apr-07 no exceptions irregardless of IBTS completion etc. On the TF 1-08 website it says what we were told before, if IBTS 1 is complete you can report in in may. I have asked through the CoC for clarification, but at this point no one seems to really have a straight answer as everything is still in the planning phase. So in essence I am wondering if those people going in an augmentee slot can still report in at the beginning of May if IBTS Lvl 1 is complete.

I asked this question earlier and Morpheus said he'd look into it. I know how busy he is doing the actually work of planning the TF so no worries. I am just looking for clarification because a date change will seriously effect my ability to deploy and will result in me having to drastically alter plans, budgeting etc for the upcomming year. Thanks for any clarification anyone can provide.
The key isn't your IBTS status, but instead your final employment status.  As it stands, the BG = Category 2 (formed unit "outside the wire") = 15 May.  However (and it's a big however) CFTPO will dictate final report timings.  Your unit should be carefully monitoring CFTPO for the actual report dates.  Again, this likely won't finally be sorted out until late next month.  Until then, relax - there are a number of folks working very hard on this, attempting to take situations like yours into account.
To easy, thanks for the info. Merry christmas or should I say non denominational non religous holiday season ::)
Has anybody heard whats going on for timings otherthan April 2. My unit has no info on anything even the ops W.O has nothing. The guys that where going to Shilo in January haven't left yet.Also is the FP coy still in Edmonton .I'm asking these questions cause there is a bunch of people wondering that's all.I told them just to relax you will be there soon enough. Any info that I could pass on to them would be much appreciated.So don't bite my head off ;D

Make sure your unit is in touch with 38 Bde as the reserve coordinators through your CBG.  The details of the report dates are generally on the street.  That being said, the Final Planning Conference for TF 1-08 is scheduled for the end of the month and all the final details including manning will be worked out.  The new training direction and guidance from the army has been received and we are pumping out the necessary frag O to reflect the new details.  Alot was held up waiting for this document.  We are moving ahead quite well.  Be patient, the details are being worked out.  Believe it or not, we are so far ahead of the army right now, it is making some things difficult.  It is coming along nicely given the normal degree of chaos associated with Task Force manning...


Good timelines on the TF 108 site



We should move the training to BC .... Osoyoos is technically a desert environment.. weather is similar to Afghan.

I wonder if they are going to give you a choice for your summer tasking / Location...Chilliwack would be great!!!
Will there be an option for someone to take a career advancement course??

Till then
Just received my tasking message friday and they wanted me to join in wainwright on saturday?? Anyone have any idea what is the latest reporting date that i can jump in on and still complete the training? As an Ammo Tech i gues i would be with NSE and have to do outside the wire training??