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Promotion errors?


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I'm wondering if anyone has ever come across this and what my next steps would be.
I received my offer for SCP in april. I immediately put in a plar request for bmoq mod 2 as I had finished plq in the beginning of march. To the best of my knowledge everything was taken care of and accepted and I received my commission to the rank of 2LT in june. Low and behold last week after being posted to BTL I received a phone call telling me that I am now an officer Cadet due to my plar paperwork being filled out incorrectly by my previous unit. I was made to reinitiate the entire process which means I am now at a career standstill and unable to be course loaded on anything until these things are sorted out. I understand that mistakes happen but I find it incredibly frustrating that I have been demoted and my career stalled due to someone else's error. What would one do in this instance?
You can try grieving the revocation of the previous PLAR. That might restore the rank with retroactive pay, but it is unlikely to accelerate the timeline to resolution to get you on the courses that you should be on. If the opportunity to complete BMOQ occurs before the PLAR is resolved, you should get the course done (but continue with the redress & PLAR for the sake of recovering lost pay).