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Portrait of breastfeeding [ADF] servicewoman wins Napier Waller Art Prize for 2022


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A portrait portraying the conflict between being a mother and an Army service member has won a prestigious art prize, run by the Australian War Memorial.

Retired major Anneke Jamieson won the 2022 Napier Waller Art Prize for her portrait titled The Promotion.

The Napier Waller Art Prize is open to all current and former service personnel in the Australian Defence Force, and is intended to encourage artistic excellence, promote the transformative power of creativity, and raise awareness of the experiences and talent of service personnel.

This year's winning artwork of a servicewoman in uniform breastfeeding her child is now set to join the War Memorial's national collection.

In her artist's statement, Mrs Jamieson said The Promotion was an expression of her conflict between being a mother and being a service member in the Army.

"The mother in me could never make peace with the officer I wanted to be," she said.



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Noticed the painting was cropped in the ABC article.

Here's the full view at the Australian War Memorial site.