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PLT Foreign Posting


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Hi everyone,

I looked for a thread on this but did not find anything or even a hint at current stats.  I was looking on the DIN the other day at all of the postings out of Canada and there seems to be amost more foreign postings than local.  Are these just open and not filled or are people being rotated?

What are the plt foreign postings like?  Are they gone or are they only for the 20 yr + senior officers?

Just making some conversation while it is quiet in the threads.
There are quite a few OUTCAN postings for all MOSID's in the CF.

Pilot specific OUTCAN postings are dependent upon which community you come from.  We have flying tours in Australia, England and the United States.  There may be more flying tours out there - but I know those three countries for sure.  In the States there are quite a few CF personnel flying airplanes and desks.  I'm heading off to Oklahoma this summer to fly the E-3.