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Pentagon's restrictions on Pokemon Go game prompted by spying fears


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To the mods, please keep this separate from the other thread on Pokemon Go in the gaming section.

Defense News

Spying Fears Lead to Pentagon Pokemon Restrictions
By: Michael Hardy, August 12, 2016

The popular Pokemon Go is now a no-no at the Pentagon. The Defense Department, citing fears of spying, has banned the game from employees’ work phones, and ordered a stop to play inside the building and other department facilities, according to published accounts.

DoD’s primary concern appears to be the game’s tracking of players—fine in a public park, problematic in a highly secure facility. The game uses GPS and Google Maps to meld the game’s digital creatures with the player’s real world location.


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I've heard it's been restricted at Joint Base Lewis-McChord due to safety concerns. A local police department in my area put out a press release last week telling people doing whatever they do on Pokemon Go to stay away from the department headquarters. Apparently, they were blocking the driveway and patrol cars were having a tough time getting out.  :whistle: