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Regular is 20 years. Amount is based on 2 per year, calculated on your best five years. The amount is not indexed until you reach 65 and is then reduced by the amount of CPP.

The reserves should see some type of pension plan in the next couple of years.


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Reservists are presently entitled to a "seperation allowance":

for 10-20 years service, half of one weeks‘ pay for each year served; and

for 20 or more years of service, one full weeks‘ pay for each year served.

A pension for reservists has been "in the works" ever since I joined (in 1977) - I‘m not holding my breath, nor do I believe it will be "fair" (presently, part-time federal civil servants can contribute to and receive a pension based on their contributions - typists, janitors, etc. - unfortunately the braintrust in Ottawa did not see any reason to extend this benefit to part-time military personnel ... and I don‘t mean the civil service - "we‘ve" been shooting ourselves in the foot).