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Payback is a mother, eh?

I myself have only been bullied (sort of) back in the 5th grade. I was getting picked on after gym class one day, it got heated, the first punch was thrown, and I ended up throwing him through the bottom pane of glass in a door, mind you I was pretty big for my age and the kid was only 90lbs wet. 3 day suspension, but said kid got 2 weeks in school suspension for instigating it.

I was never bullied again after that, even in high school.

Kudos to you, Casey!
Good on Casey. If I ever have kids, I will have to teach them the body slam. But in all seriousness I will most defiantly teach any future offspring of mine to stand up for themselves, and others. The way people should be.
Good on Casey. If he were my son, I would be very proud of him for standing up to the little twerp and not pounding him once he was down.

As far as the school board folks, shame on them. Bullying is based on the premise that the victim will not fight back due to fear and a basic reluctance to hurt another person, even in self defence. What the school board is doing is backing up the bully and reinforcing in the victim that he should not fight back.

Plus, when a bully picks on someone, it's usually not with a lot of violence, but there is an implied threat of more violence if the victim stands up for himself or if he doesn't do what the bully wants. So, in reality, the victim NEEDS to use more violence in response to the bully than what the bully exhibits to the victim. These backwards school boards don't realize this and view the victim as the worse of the two offenders. What they should see this as is a normal human reaction on the part of the victim. It's a sign of independance and taking responsibility for oneself, and it should be encouraged, not discouraged.