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Parading with National Guard


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I am an Artillery reservist. I am temporary relocating to the US for civilian work and would be interested in parading with the National Guard. I know there is a form DND 4577. Has anyone gone through this process? Do I have to cold call the National Guards to find potential Host Units?

If anyone has paraded with the National Guard, can you share some experiences?
I went to England in 1989-90 - I was on ET&D, there was absolutely no interest in the CF at allowing me to parade with a British TA unit, even when I had found a unit that was willing to have me.
Before you talk to the Guard - I would see if your COC would support such an activity - as it requires some higher level approval than your unit and Bde.
Start here.

Res F member
  • become familiar with the provisions of the applicable RFFSA MOU; and
  • submit a completed form DND 4577, Reserve Forces Foreign Service Arrangement Application, to their parent unit CO for consideration.
Note Informal direct liaison with a foreign reserve force unit is authorized. The Res F member may liaise with DIRO to identify a possible foreign reserve force unit and point of contact if required. The Res F member is not authorized to parade with the foreign reserve force unit until an authority message is received.