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Packing for BMQ questions


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Hello all, Just going over everything I need to bring to BMQ (August 20th), As far as baggage is concerned I have a backpack and a hard shell suitcase, (Black, Air Canada, Plain in appearance)

I'm concerned my current backpack isn't plain enough as specified by the Kit list, This is what it looks like:
Please let me know if this will meet expectations or if I should be purchasing a new; more plain one, Thanks!

So far I have the plain white tooth brush / soap cases, I read somewhere on here that I should bring an extra tooth brush for shoe shining, as well as a higher quality sewing kit, Do you recommend this?

I also purchased a small memo book / pad and a higher quality pen / pencil combo.
Any other recommendations? Was thinking of also bringing a travel sized Q-tip & a compact electric shaver.
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