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Ya, we know Booked Spice, but plenty of deliberation went into the decision to finally post it.....
Bruce is entirely correct in saying a lot of discussion went into whether or not army.ca would post this article.  It has been making its way around the CF for quite some time but it is now being posted on non-military websites and we thought it would be a disservice to our members not to post it.  

Before we start drawing too many conclusions on this, we should not understand what this was, an email to some friends from a fellow in theatre.  I must express my concerns that this email by the author to some mates, has been published on the internet.  This was his correspondance and includes personal information.  I am always one for posting good afteraction details but I think the sender should have been consulted.  I have sent an email to the author and will endevour to get a sterile version.  OK it is being posted on other sites but hell, lets do the right thing here and ensure the sender is consulted.  I am pissed that people in NDHQ have decided to fly this thing around like an internet joke.  He states some personal opinions here that were likely never intended to leave a close circle of friends. 

In any case, before we start changing TTPs here, we have a very good and mature lessons learned process that is pumping out good data for consumption.  You can view the unclassifed on the LFDTS website under ALLC.  There are some excellent reads....

I agree that it should be removed unless the author states that he wants it in public.
All: This has been passed around my husband's reg't via e-mail--- the writer wanted it passed around

Gents, from the indications we have, the author wanted it disseminated.  If you are aware of any CF sponsored moves to limit its (already wide distribution!), please let me, or any of the moderators know.  Army.ca is in support of the members of the CF.

Your comments on TTPs are valid, its simply someones email to his family and friends.  Take out of it what you will.

Gunner said:
Gents, from the indications we have, the author wanted it disseminated. 
widest possible apparently, and that is what it's getting, from Highest, to most junior, to civvies.

PM in your corner.


As I have explained to several others here in PM's, we have had this email since it first came out.  We have been very cognisant of OPSEC and have held it off the Main Forums until we had sanitized it by removing the Author's Signature Block.  We have left Capt Goddard's and Bdr Gauthier's names in, as they are from a past well documented time.  We did not put this email onto the Open Forums until well after it has been published on other sites, emailed out to many Civilians and Military by some of our more Senior Officers, and after we have used our own channels and connections to get advice on its' release.

I have removed this email several times in the past few days, as other members have posted it.

I have had to edit a person's post to remove names.  I do not want to have to do that again.

It is now in the Public Domain.  You can do nothing about that.  We can, however, have a good read and discussion.

PM back your way. 


The fact that someone senior sent this out does not mean it was intended by the author for mass distribution.  I will advise once I have heard from the individual, he is on operations as we speak and can not reply.  If he is happy, then so too am I.  I regard this not as a CF issue but his own and his call.  I know the man personally and saw him the day before he left.  In fact he "borrowed" a good chunk of my jammy gear and my binos!  As mentioned I will verify with him.

I've gotten it from three sources now -- and I'm out...

I have received confirmation that he is aware of the posting and thus I am happy. 


I hear the Gunner Brain Trust - some sr ret types aren`t happy with the story floating around.

Gunner`s! Get over it!
Someone who hasn't had the benefit of a fire mission to get them out of a jam I see...interesting opinion indeed.
Why are they not happy? OpSEC maybe? and if so, OPSEC is a urban legend told to young Pte's around the ORV!
Any shut-down attempt by "sr ret types" (or anybody else for that matter) is locking the barn door, way after the horse is gone. Everybody talks about the "Information Age" and the empowerment of individuals by the Internet: well...-here it is, right in our faces. The only way to stop this would be to shut off troops' access to the Internet, which (having been over there...) would be a morale killer that isn't worth even thinking about. Even that might not stop it, as there is a functioning celphone system in Afgh that could be used for text messaging. No-I think this kind of "soldier journalism" is here to stay and the Army better realize that.

They're pissed that they don't get the glory...You see combat experience is a career mover.
Jammer said:
They're pissed that they don't get the glory...You see combat experience is a career mover.

Nice speculation, but no.  ::)

The "sr retired types" probably refers to an email that made the rounds within the RCAA asking members not to distribute the email further until potential OPSEC concerns could be addressed.  Well done from my perspective. 
Gunner why would retired pers get involved?

I was going to PM you this whole thing to get your take on it.