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OPP Charges Former Canadian Forces Medical Officer with Practicing Medicine with

I know lots of well educated dumb people. The two qualities are not mutually exclusive.
Firing off a desk pop at a school to lure police away was pretty clever.
ModlrMike said:
I know lots of well educated dumb people. The two qualities are not mutually exclusive.

One of my favourite sayings......"Never confuse education with intelligence."
Not really relevant to the discussion at hand, but I found this previous quote interesting:

The controlled acts set out in the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) are:

6. Putting an instrument, hand or finger,
    (1) beyond the external ear canal,
    (2) beyond the point in the nasal passages where they normally narrow,
    (3) beyond the larynx,
    (4) beyond the opening of the urethra,
    (5) beyond the labia majora,
    (6) beyond the anal verge,
    (7) or into an artificial opening in the body.

Doesn't this in effect require a licence to engage in foreplay?
I can feel a bit of sympathy for the guy, he clearly has a personality disorder and other mental health issues.  Qualifications-wise, there would've been no reason not to have issued him a license to practice since he had passed all his exams and was fully qualified as a doctor if it wasn't for his conduct issues coming out as he was applying for a practice license.

Doesn't excuse his behavior (including lying to the CF) but interestingly, if conduct issues (such as tone, language, lying to employers etc) had happened after he had already been granted his license, they probably would've had quite a difficult time taking it away from him.  He's probably become quite desperate now leading to his current behavior.  Hopefully he gets the help he needs..