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Online , mail, or in person


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Does anyone think there would be a difference in the time it would take to process the application with one method of delivery over another? I'm not counting in-transit time (ie-time spent in the mail).

Would it take longer for a physical document because the member at CFRC has to put the process the info into the computer? Or possibly sending online would be easier, as they might have a program that reads the info out of the .pdf, or at the very least copy/paste?

Or is the time difference so small it doesn't make a difference?

There are too many other factors that might affect your application for the difference between an online or an in-person submission to really make a difference.

If you apply online you still have to go in person within 60 days to finalize it.
From my (limited) experience I would suggest going in person if the recruiting centre is close enough to easily do so.  I applied online myself and spent an extra 2-3 weeks sending additional information back and forth with different recruiters. 

In fact, one of the delays in processing my application is that I had apparently neglected to sign the application so it got put on hold until I called to check on it....the Online application was not signed ::)

If you apply online I would strongly suggest a follow-up call within a few days just to confirm that everything was received okay and inquire if they are waiting for anything further on your part.  Another suggestion is to take the name of whoever your first contact person is and address your correspondence to his/her attention.  Finally, within a few days of every communication by mail or fax I would make a follow-up call, again to confirm that everything is progressing as it should and that they are not waiting on you for anything. 

Understand, I'm not advocating badgering them, merely good communications between them and you.  I'm sure it is equally frustrating for them to have an open file because of a neglected signature as it is for us to have a stalled application and not understand why it's taking them so long.

Incidentally, I am booked at the Halifax CFRC for January 7th!

All the best to you.
I just received my job offer today(cant wait for BMQ) I would suggest popping in to the recruitment centre as often as possible until the point of annoying the staff.  Eventually they got to know me by name and a few times they bumped my application ahead of others that werent responding to calls or not showing up for appointments.  Being there shows eagerness to get the process moving, but it may still take a long time depending on your trade of choice.

CHIMO!!!!!!!!!!! Future Sapper Recruit Stout signing out!!! :cdn: :salute:
If at all possible, hand carry your application to the recruiting centre. the One line PDF files have to be printed off and then entered in the computer and they aren't really opened until the requisite paperwork is brought in. By going in you can ask questions and pick up info on the tests you will have to take but more importantly you will be able to ask questions of those people involved in your process.

So visit your friendly recruiting staff and deal directly with them when possible. If not the on-line is quicker than regular mail.