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On menstruating, sharks, and parts --- a thread I recommend only for girls!!


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medicineman said:
Well, I got asked  - in a nutshell, you may end up with blood in your urine at the time of the test.  If that happens, and it's brought up during your medical, tell whoever is doing your medical of this and you will likely have to fill up another jar just to be sure (obviously after your period).  If you can schedule around your cycle, it does make it easier, as you won't likely have to redo the urine screen (unless of course you actually are peeing blood, but that's another issue all together).


I called in the MM, as an HSO I did not feel competent to answer the question!  As a man, I hid my eyes and I'm only dropping by to peek briefly and to make sure one of my 'lifelines' came through.  With a wife and a teenage daughter this thread hits close to home.  With one month before heading to sandbox for 7 months, I know I will suffer at least one more cycle.  My wife had her period unexpectedly on the day of our elopement, and again 2 months later in time for our honeymoon and it seems like every anniversary and reunion after a tasking away, we are "cursed" by that time of the month. 

After 20 years of marriage I have learned about the pains of ovulation and pre/post menstrual days.  We were blessed with 2 of our children just 364 days apart (never believe in the myth that you can't get pregnant when you are breast-feeding). The only pain I can compare to the curse (as a husband with 3 teenagers) is having my big toes nails removed and 2 'cytoscopies and dilations' of the urinary tract.

I came, I read, I contributed and now I am out of here. 



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I have to post that here :).

Having a car

kratz said:
"Having a car".

I will not even ask how or why, but I would hazard a guess based on the weight and complexity of a car the gestation period of a car would be longer than your course. So as the proud parent of a car, you will have already filled out a FCP and be ready to carry on your duties with the CF.  ;)