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"Notes From Home" book of support


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MCpl Renay Groves will be traveling the country stopping at various base/wing/bde with her book of support for the troops in effort to get handwritten comments of support from Canadians.

This project is fully endorsed by the CDS and a ppt briefing can be seen here.

I am not sure how many of you are aware of the project that Mcpl Renay
Groves has undertaken entitled ''Notes From Home ". Those of us who attended
the CDSs seminar received an explanation . I have attached a copy of her
presentation to give you a better understanding . This is an extremely
worthwhile project and a huge undertak> ing on her part .  The original
intent of Mcpl Groves was to send this book across Canada , however the CDS
heard of the project and has directed that Mcpl Groves will travel across
the Country with the book and have it signed . As a result of her dedication
and hard work on this project and some other undertakings ,Mcpl Groves was
honoured as 1 of the CF's heroes this year .
>    This trip will be from coast to coast . As I am sure you are all aware
it will be impossible for her to visit every station , base and wing so I
tried to hit all the places listed below in a logical order in the time we
have available . We will be sending mini books to the locations we will be
unable to visit and these will be included in the master book that will go
overseas . She will be accompanied by a CWO or MWO on all her trips . The PA
pers in Canada Command will be issuing a media advisory template to all the
PAs in the  Regions to use as they see fit . Most if not all of the MFRCs
should be aware of the book project as they were briefed out west in Feb at
their deployed support symposium in Edmonton . They were not filled in on
dates etc .
>    The following are the dates that Mcpl Groves will be in each location;
>  14 June-Petawawa (completed )
>  26 June-Trenton
>  27 June-Kingston
>  23 July-St Johns NFLD
>  24 July-Halifax (to include Shearwater )
>  25 July-Greenwood
>  26,27 July -Gagetown ( to include CTC )
>  13 Aug-Valcartier
>  14 Aug-Bagotville
>  15,16 Aug-St Jean
>  27 Aug-Yellowknife
>  28 Aug-Edmonton
>  29 Aug-Comox
>  30 Aug-Victoria
>  5,6 Sept-Bordon
>  7 Sept-Meaford
>  8 Sept-North Bay
>  The dates that I have provided are the actual planned dates that they
will be in location .They may arrive the night before . There will be a
detailed itinerary shortly and each Base CWO or his rep will be contacted
prior to their arrival to confirm all the necessary arrangements are done .
Rations and quarters will be requested shortly from each applicable base or
wing .
>    I am hoping I have everyone on the address list that should be there .
If I have missed anyone please forward this E mail. I ask that each of you
get in contact with your applicable MFRCs and inform them of the dates of
the visit to assist you in making this a success from coast to coast .I know
each location is different . There will be a lot of civilian interest in
some areas and not a lot in others . I will leave this up to your best
judgement to how you want this handled . We would like to get as many
signatures , note and letters as possible. Mcpl Groves is there to go and do
what you ask and recommend , be it from going to a local mall to sitting at
a table  at the mess hall . As well any media or interviews are welcome .
She has done a number to  date and is more than willing to do more . The
only thing I will ask is for you to provide a brief outline of what to
expect in your particular location prior to the visit .
>  If you have any questions in regards to this project please let me know
. I thank you all in advance for your help and support for this special and
worthwhile project .
> E.Christensen
> Canada Command CWO
> Office-(613) 944 8836
> Cell  -(613) 698 5434

Please spread the word among your families and friends.


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Hopefully I'm not disturbing anything by reviving an extremely old thread.

SGT Renay Groves will be delivering "Notes from Home" to the War Museum on 10 November 2010.  It recently spent a day in Ottawa to be signed by Mr. Harper and should be in Kingston presently.