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New IntOps recruit introduction - BMQ Apr 30


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Hello All

This is my first and therefore my introductory post.  I am 46 yrs old and applied to IntOps "off the street" in November of 2016.  Last week I was contacted and recruited for training, and report to St Jean for April 28th.

After an adult lifetime as a private investigator, I am WAY out of shape, and will be twice as old and twice the size of most of the other recruits at BMQ so it should be interesting to say the least.  I have the psychological fortitude to push myself through, but have no delusions of how difficult it will be.  I know I should have started training sooner, but honestly, when 4 people out of over 1,000 applicants are chosen, I really didn't think I would get in.  Oops!

I am looking forward to starting my new life with the Service and to meet my fellow brothers and sisters.  I am hoping that with my age and experience comes wisdom and that I can help my team push through. 

If any other recruits here are scheduled for BMQ training R0004F or R0005F starting April 30, let me know.  We might be team mates!

I work out off and on already, and strength is not an issue for me.  Endurance and cardio and my lack of either is my problem.  I have started hitting the treadmill in the morning at least.  I figure 4 months of BMQ and Land should drop the weight, and the 2-6 months I'm on Basic Training List in Kingston waiting for Intelligence School to start I'll be in the gym constantly.
You will thank yourself for every minute you spend on that treadmill. Maybe try and get outside to run as well? It's been a long time, but I'm pretty sure you'll spend a lot of time running outside at 5am.